Renewable energies, energy efficiency, energy storage, energy infrastructure

  • Our team members have substantial know how and experience with different kind of renewable energies as well as with M&A processes in this market. We have specialised team members that originally come out of this industry
  • Only recently we have led wind and solar park sell-side projects and offshore wind buy-side projects for large clients
  • We are also frequently involved in M&A processes for energy efficiency and energy storage companies and are constantly looking at these rapidly evolving new markets with high enthusiasm
  • We have a very good insight into this industry, its local dynamics and regarding which assets are coming to the market


Real estate

  • Based on the continued attractiveness of European real estate for global RE investors, the scarcity of quality assets as well as the intense competition for such assets makes it difficult for foreign investors to enter/expand into European markets
  • Via our network of institutional and private sellers as well as close relationships with owners, brokers and pure play RE advisory companies we are able to regularly source quality assets, some of which are off market
  • We have build a track record of sourcing various assets for international clients over the years and of supporting them executing proposed transactions


Robotics, robotic-related technologies, automation

  • Altrius historically has build up an extensive network with active CEOs and shareholders in the robotics industry
  • We have recently been involved in some smaller, but also in landmark cross border transactions
  • Our close relationship with major players gives us a competitive edge regarding asset sourcing, but also a unique industry insight
  • Given this industry insight and the immense growth momentum in this industry, our strategic goal is to remain at the forefront of M&A transactions that will continue to take place in this market on an international scale



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